Fadak and Wadil Qurro: Food Agricultural Land Management Pattern Of The Prophet Muhammad SAW

After conquering successfully the fortress of Khaibar, and the Jews had left their land in As-Syiqq, Nathah, and Al-Katibah,  the Prophet  SAW continued his expedition to Fadak and Wadil Qurro. Entering these... Read more »

Uncontrolled Agricultural Land Conversion

Towards food self-sufficiency and food security, Indonesia’s natural resource resilience index – including the maintenance of agricultural land – is very weak. In 2017, The Economist – a world food security rating... Read more »

Determinant Factors toward Staple Food Diversification: Evidence from Indonesia Context

The decreasing of paddy wetland area continually and the growing of the population should have to force Indonesian people to decrease dependent on the rice. The research aims to reveal the tendency... Read more »