The Prophet Food Management: The Model of Management to Control Food Mafia and Speculator

The Prophet Muhammad SAW as the head of state did not merely allocate land as the food production center, and responsible for staple food yielding sufficiently for the needs of population, but... Read more »

Fadak and Wadil Qurro: Food Agricultural Land Management Pattern Of The Prophet Muhammad SAW

After conquering successfully the fortress of Khaibar, and the Jews had left their land in As-Syiqq, Nathah, and Al-Katibah,  the Prophet  SAW continued his expedition to Fadak and Wadil Qurro. Entering these... Read more »

The Khaibar Land Was Distributed To The Muslim People

The victory of the Muslims over the Jews in the Khaibar War (Year 7 H/629 CE) ended the existence of the Jewish community in Medina. For Jews – after trying hard to... Read more »