Pottentially To Get Food Unsecure

The Indonesia’s food security index, as reported by Tabloidsinartani.com (November 1, 2018) shows quite positive success. Of course this is a matter of pride that Indonesia in 2018 got an amazing achievement... Read more »

Glorifying the Prophet Muhammad, not insulting him: STATE OWNED LAND IN ISLAMIC VIEW (Part-2)

In order to glorify Rasulullah SAW, we continue to trace the Siroh Nabawiyyah regarding the state-owned lands, both the understanding and the process of acquiring these lands in Islamic history. Land that... Read more »

The Seven Minutes Lecture of KAHMI Professor and Doctors: The Implementation Of Prophet Management Toward Staple Food Self Sufficiency

When the conversion of food agricultural land continues and the youth interest in farming decreases, it is time for agricultural development – particularly in the provision of staple food – to refer... Read more »