Pottentially To Get Food Unsecure

The Indonesia’s food security index, as reported by Tabloidsinartani.com (November 1, 2018) shows quite positive success. Of course this is a matter of pride that Indonesia in 2018 got an amazing achievement... Read more »

The Pattern Of Traditional Paddy-Field Ownership In Java: A Historical Perspective

The existence of smallholder farmer (petani gurem) in Indonesia has a long and unique historical root. This paper intends to trace the traditional patterns of paddy-field ownership up to the 19th century... Read more »

Commemorating World Land Day: Maintaining Sovereignty Over Land in Islamic View

In commemoration of World Land Day, December¬† 5, ¬†2020, the Center for Agricultural Land Resources (BBSDLP) conducted a series of activities with the theme “Keep soil alive, protect soil biodiversity”. The Head... Read more »