Pottentially To Get Food Unsecure

The Indonesia’s food security index, as reported by Tabloidsinartani.com (November 1, 2018) shows quite positive success. Of course this is a matter of pride that Indonesia in 2018 got an amazing achievement... Read more »
ibnu sina

Ibnu Sina: Multi Keahlian Atas Dorongan Rasa Syukur Kepada Allah

Ibnu Sina terkenal sebagai seorang ilmuan polymath (multi keahlian). Di samping seorang dokter yang sangat terkenal di Barat maupun di belahan dunia Timur, ia adalah seorang teolog dan filsuf, dan juga seorang... Read more »

The Effect Of Islamic Personality on Entrepreneur Competency

One of the questions that often arises is what factors are most effective in bringing a student to maturity, the ability to formulate a vision and future of life, the ability to... Read more »