Looking at the fate of food agricultural land Below omnibus law (law of job creation)

One aspect that must be criticized in relation to the enforcement of the Job Creation Law (Undang-undang Cipta Kerja) is the existence and sustainability of food-agricultural land, especially rice fields, as the... Read more »

The Internal Conflict Of Three Major Jews In Medina

There are three Jewish tribes in Medina that are very famous in the time of the Prophet Muhammad, namely: Bani Quraizhah, Bani an Nadhir, and Banu Qainuqa, besides there are small Jewish... Read more »

Jews: Expecting Triumph, But Refusing the Source of Glory

Before the arrival of the Prophet Muhammad to Medina, there were frequent conflicts between the Jewish tribes of Madinah with the tribes of Aus and Khazraj. The Jews were originally superior to... Read more »