Buku & Jurnal

File Title
CITSM PROCEEDING Design of E-Commerce Information Systems for Houseplants: the Case of Yasyifa Nursery Plantation
HUNAFA VOL.14-2 “AL-MUSAQAH” AND SHARIA AGRIBUSINESS SYSTEM: An Alternative Way to Meet Staple Food Self- Sufficiency in Contemporary Indonesia
IBM VOL-11-6 Strategic Planning to Control Halal Risk in Indonesian Beef Supply Chain
IBM VOL 11(11) Strategic Planning to Control Land Conversion Risk in Paddy Pre-Cultivation: A Sharia Perspective
ICOSAT PROCEEDING Adoption of Farmer Field School to Develop Entrepreneurship
IJAAR VOL-11-2 The Need of Agribusiness E-commerce to Support Staple Food Self-Sufficiency: The Experience from West Java
JEAS VOL-12-10 The Need of Tailor Made Agribusiness Farmer Field School to Develop Entrepreneurship: The Experience from Paddy Seed Growers in Indonesia Context
 JIMA-12-2015-0095 Journal of Islamic Marketing
 MEJSR VOL-23-12 The Effectiveness of Farmer Field School in Dissemination of Innovation: The Case of Orchids Farmers in Tangerang Banten and the Onion Farmers in Brebes Central Java
 TSS VOL-12-9 Determinant Factors Toward Staple Food Diversification: Evidence from Indonesia Context
PIDATO PENGUKUHAN-1-2 aAAA Mengendalikan Laju Konversi Lahan Pertanian Pangan Produktif Menuju Swasembada Pangan
PIDATO PENGUKUHAN-1-2 aAAA From Single to Dual System Jeas Vol-13-21